RS Componentes ahora es Allied Electronics & Automation. Ambos catálogos disponibles para venta directa en Chile.


RS Componentes posee una amplia gama de ventiladores para casi todas las aplicaciones desde ventiladores de escritorio a ventiladores de placas axiales de alta capacidad y sopladores centrífugos. Tenemos ventiladores que incorporan las últimas tecnologías aerodinámicas y motoras de fabricantes como EBM Papst, Vent Axia y Expelair.

IOT Applications Examples

IoT has infiltrated almost every aspect of modern living, from monitoring energy use in offices to tracking and assisting health improvements.


From the smallest board-mount header to the largest power plug, the world of connectors encompasses one of the most diverse product ranges of any industry.

Electronics Design

Electronic Design is in essence, the activity responsible for all consumer, industrial, automotive and military based electronics systems we find today.