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Paper Shredders

A paper shredder can be used to shred paper into fine strips. They can be used in an office or home environment and are an excellent way of destroying private and confidential documents and sensitive personal information.
Some modern shredders have an additional function of shredding credit cards and CD Roms, as well as a safety lock, which when switched to the lock position, prevents accidental activation by disabling the shredders motor.

Different types of shredders
There are portable desktop shredders suitable for occasional use and there are full unit-sized ones ideal for offices such as medical and legal businesses where confidentiality is of paramount importance.
There are different size shredders measured by the litre size of the bin with the lid off, as well as the majority of shredders having 3 main cutting options:

  • Strip Cut – cuts the paper into strips
  • Cross Cut – chops the paper into little bits
  • Micro Cut – turns paper into confetti

Why would you need one?

To manage company information, whether it be customer data, employee data or general business plans and ideas.
With identity fraud on the increase a shredder is a valuable tool in keeping all your personal and sensitive information from falling into the wrong hands.
A paper shredder is an environmentally friendly and convenient way to dispose of unwanted documents.
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Trituradora de papel Fellowes 4671201, 27L, 14 Hojas, Corte a Tiras
  • $ 557.160
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Fellowes 20 Powershred 70S Corte a Tiras 14 230mm 27L CDs, Tarjetas de Crédito, Clips, Grapas Tipo G - británico BS 1363 275mm 510mm 275mm
Trituradora de papel Fellowes 4653601, 32L, 200 Hojas, Corte Transversal
  • $ 922.394
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Fellowes 0 AutoMax 200C Corte transversal 200 230mm 32L - Tipo C - Euroconector 507mm 563mm 507mm
Trituradora de papel Fellowes 4606101, 22L, 10 Hojas, Corte Transversal
  • $ 214.987
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Fellowes 0 Powershred 60Cs Corte transversal 0 230mm 22L Tarjetas de Crédito, Clips, Grapas Tipo C - Euroconector 371.5mm 408mm 371.5mm
Trituradora de papel Fellowes 4685201, 19L, 10 Hojas, Corte Micro
  • $ 330.707
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Fellowes 0 Powershred 62MC Corte Micro 0 - 19L Tarjetas de Crédito, Grapas Tipo C - Euroconector 265.1mm 476.3mm 265.1mm
Trituradora de papel Fellowes 4701001, 11L, 5 Hojas, Corte a Tiras
  • $ 50.685
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Fellowes 0 Powershred P-25S Corte a Tiras 4 220mm 11L - Tipo C - Euroconector 160.3mm 300 160.3mm
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