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File Dividers

A file divider is a type of device, such as a document wallet or book that you may use to sort and divide your documents and papers.

How do they work?
They work by assorting your important files into specific categories or sub folders to your own choosing and help you organise and secure your files.

Features and benefits:
  • Plastic wallet dividers (easy to view without taking the file out, keeps it safe from water)
  • Different colours for easy colour coordination
  • Not complex, easy to train people compared to electronic alternatives
  • Easy to pick up and manage
  • Not connected to the Internet, remotely safe and less susceptible to hijacking
Where might I use one?
  • Offices / Workspaces
  • Home
  • Schools
  • Hospitals
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Divisor de archivos Durable 6512-10 Gris A4
  • $ 1.017
  • Cada Uno
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Durable 232 Gris
Divisor de archivos Durable 6730-27 Variados A4
  • $ 1.722
  • Cada Uno
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Durable 142 Surtido
Divisor de archivos Durable 6510-10 Gris A4
  • $ 1.160
  • Cada Uno
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Durable 83 Gris
Divisor de archivos CK MA2600 Negro, Gris A4
  • $ 27.520
  • Cada Uno
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  • Código RS 756-4586
  • Marca CK
  • Número parte fabricante MA2600
CK 4 Negro; gris
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