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PVA Glue

PVA (polyvinyl acetate adhesive) are synthetic rubbery polymers used for bonding purposes, it is a type of thermoplastic. Also known as white glue, wood glue or school glue. PVA glue is flexible and permanent. It is a non-solvent glue and also water soluble. One of the main uses of PVA glue is as a wood glue. Most PVA glue is water resistant but there is also stronger waterproof types available. PVA comes in a stick, pen or liquid form making it versatile for many applications. PVA glue also comes in yellow this type is more suitable for outdoor applications as is more water resistant

Certain PVA glues may contain other chemicals for enhanced performance these are type I and type II. Type I is waterproof and type II is water resistant. These types normally refer to the wood glues and not the standard white PVA glue.

PVA glue can also be used as a sealant for plastering, or wall preparation before painting. It can also be used as a wallpaper adhesive as it is porous.

What are the benefits of PVA glue?

No hazardous chemicals so very safe to use
No fumes
It does not break down
Great holding strength
Water soluble - so can be thinned
Suitable for many materials
Easy to wipe away
Dries clear
Washable if spilled
Long shelf life


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Cola PVA RS Pro AC2006, Botella 150 ml, Blanco, Líquido
  • $ 4.138
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RS Pro 103 - - Líquido Blanco Botella 150 ml
Adhesivo de acetato de polivinilo Evo-Stik 717411, Botella 500 ml, Blanco, Adhesivo, Líquido
  • $ 16.565
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Evo-Stik 96 - Adhesivo Líquido Blanco Botella 300 ml
Cola PVA 3M L0196 20 ml, Transparente
  • $ 2.213
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  • Código RS 125-0527
  • Marca 3M
  • Número parte fabricante L0196
3M 0 3M® L0196 - - Transparente - 20 ml
Cola PVA 3M A1363, Tubo 30 ml, Transparente, Multiuso, Gel
  • $ 1.567
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  • Código RS 125-0526
  • Marca 3M
  • Número parte fabricante A1363
3M 0 3M® A1363 Multiuso Gel Transparente Tubo 30 ml
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