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Spray Adhesives

Spray adhesive, also called spray glue, is a type of glue supplied in an aerosol canister. The canister is small enough to be hand held and operated by one hand. Spray adhesive is a quick and convenient way to bond materials together.

What can I use spray adhesive on?
Spray adhesive is incredibly versatile and can be used on a range of surfaces. This includes wood, foam, paper, concrete, metal, carpet, upholstery and material among others. You must always check the manufacturer advice on the compatibility of different materials.

How do I use spray adhesive?
No special treatment is required for the surfaces or objects that you want to bond. However, it is recommended that the surfaces are as clean and dry as possible. This will ensure the strongest bond.

Spray adhesive is very easy to use. Most canisters recommend shaking before use. Simply remove the lid and compress the nozzle. Depending on the type of adhesive that you are using, it will spray as a fine mist or foam.

Benefits of spray adhesive
• Spray adhesive does not require any additional electrical tools or air based tools to propel the glue. This means that you can use spray adhesive for harder to reach areas where equipment will not fit.
• No equipment will need cleaning after use as the canister is a self-contained solution.
• Spray adhesives provide even coverage even on larger surfaces. The adhesive doesn't soak into the surface.
• Spray adhesives disperse quickly and evenly, allowing you to cover large areas in minimal time with minimal effort.

How long does spray adhesive take to dry?
This varies from canister to canister. You must always check the manufacturer's instructions. Some spray adhesives can dry and set within 15 to 20 minutes, while others can take up to 12 or even 24 hours.

Is spray adhesive safe?
Spray adhesive is a relatively safe product but there are some measures that you can take to minimise any risks. Always wear appropriate PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) such as a face mask and gloves. You must use spray adhesive in a well-ventilated area.
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Detalles Brand Stock Nombre comercial Tipo de Aplicación Forma del Producto Tiempo de Cura Tiempo de Configuración Tamaño del Pack Color Olor
Pulverizador adhesivo Ambersil 31625-AB 500 ml Transparente ámbar, Líquido
  • $ 9.580
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Ambersil 1082 HS 300 Lona, conglomerado, hormigón, corcho, aislamiento, cuero, metal, papel, plástico, caucho, madera Líquido 12 → 24 h 2 → 10min 300 ml Transparente ámbar -
Pulverizador adhesivo 3M SPRAYMOUNT 400 ml Blanco, Líquido
  • $ 12.199
  • Cada Uno
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  • Código RS 268-1291
  • Marca 3M
  • Número parte fabricante SPRAYMOUNT
3M 909 SprayMount Diseño, unión de papel de copia láser, laminaciones, pegado Líquido - - 400 ml Blanco -
Pulverizador adhesivo RS Pro 400 ml Marrón
  • $ 7.140
  • Cada Uno
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RS Pro 299 - Adhesivo Espray - - 400 ml Marrón -
Pulverizador adhesivo 3M SPRAY 77 500 ml Blanco
  • $ 16.134
  • Cada Uno
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  • Código RS 154-8156
  • Marca 3M
  • Número parte fabricante 7000116782
3M 208 Scotch-Weld, Super 77 Albañilería, Metal, Papel, Yeso Espray - - 300 ml Blanco Disolvente
Pulverizador adhesivo CRC 30383 500 ml Transparente, Líquido
  • $ 18.849
  • Cada Uno
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  • Código RS 823-2599
  • Marca CRC
  • Número parte fabricante 30383
CRC 30 Fast Stick Pegado, fijación Líquido 30 s 12 h, 24 h 300 ml Transparente -
Pulverizador adhesivo CRC 30454 500 ml Transparente, Líquido
  • $ 28.321
  • Cada Uno
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  • Código RS 823-2609
  • Marca CRC
  • Número parte fabricante 30454
CRC 29 Power Stick Lona, alfombras, aglomerado, hormigón, aislamiento, cuero Líquido 2 → 10 min 12 h, 24 h 300 ml Transparente -
Pulverizador adhesivo Rocol 45002 400 ml
  • $ 26.168
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Rocol 0 Safe Step Pulverizador antideslizante Espray 30 min. - 400 ml - Olor característico
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